Welcome to my blog…

Check back for regularly updated content starting in September. In the meantime, click here for my latest pieces in The New York Sun.


6 Responses to “Welcome to my blog…”

  1. david f kelley Says:

    Congratualtions on the blog, i have read it and find it very exciting look forward to checking it out often! Good luck with it!

  2. Russell Yaffee Says:

    In a million years, TO would never kill himself. He loves himself way to much. One of his teamates said that he walks around the locker room in the least amount of clothes possible so that everyone can see how big he is. The sad thing is that if he had his head on straight he could be the best athlete to ever play the game.

  3. Victor M. Kreisman Says:


    Put me on your E Mail list, enjoy reading information to the point and well written, easy to read and understand.

  4. Eliza F. Greenberg Says:

    Finally! Someone I like and respect enough to entice me into the world of blogging. I have really enjoyed reading your commentary, Seth, and look forward to learning more on your blog. Mazeltov!

  5. charles woodliff Says:

    See my response under “bio.”

  6. don warner saklad dsaklad@gnu.org Says:

    If you would, please add me to your emailings too!… dsaklad@gnu.org

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