Terrell Owens SUICIDE???

I’ve seen some weak press conferences in my time. But today’s Terrell Owens denial of a suicide attempt was particularly ineffective.


The comments of both Owens and his purported “publicist” reeked of ragtime. Owens straightforwardly denied that he had attempted to take his own life. Then, he called into question the credibility of his subsequent comments saying “I was kind of out of it…I can barely even remember the doctors, much less the police officers asking me questions.” If he was so out of it that he can’t remember speaking with doctors and the police, what then can he really remember about the circumstances of the entire incident. I certainly couldn’t make sense of TO’s explanation of inadvertently taking extra medication.

And, as for, Kim Etheredge, her performance was much worse. She looked like a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, if not a suicide.

She violated rule #1 of crisis communications: It’s not enough to make a statement in front of t.v. cameras. You have to know what you’re going to say. It didn’t appear she had a clear handle on her story. Then, to magnify her incompetence, she retreated to a TO victimology defense. “I feel they take advantage of Terrell. Had this been someone else, this may not have happened.” What is she talking about? She sounded like she is entering the Ray Nagin conspiracy zone. Is she trying to insinuate that powerful forces conspiring to bring TO down?

The bottom line here is that somebody ought to have thought the crisis response here to be something more than “let’s have TO go out and play catch with Bledsoe”. If there was more to last night’s events than TO and his handlers have let on, this will leak out in the coming days. Maybe the realizations that the questions about the talented wide receiver are not going away and the recognition that the story has moved from the relatively benign world of sports coverage to the sharper world of news and tabloid journalism will cause the Cowboys, TO and his handlers to do the one thing that always stops a negative story in its tracks: deal with the underlying problem. TO. And in this case, it might save TO’s life. That will enable TO to make millions into the longterm.


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