Start Peace

I’m happy to see some attention given to a worthy effort in today’s Globe. Joseph P. Kahn reports a quartet of rap artists who have banded together to put out a song aimed at convincing young people to find peaceful ways to settle their differences. He quotes the song’s concluding Talmudic words of its founder, Antonio Ennis: “If not us, who? If not now, when?” Hearing from OGs, such as the members of 4Peace, could get through to these kids.

Efforts such as this song and video are much more effective ways of reaching today’s teens than t.v. public service announcements. Bombarded by text-messages, video games, e-mails, cell phone calls, street marketing campaigns, today’s teens are impervious to old-fashioned bully-pulpit efforts.

I give my old boss, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, props for having the imagination to include the group at the launch of this summer’s successful gun buyback program and to even appear in the video.


One Response to “Start Peace”

  1. LG Says:

    I think when you refer to “The Globe” you should say “The Boston Globe.” Afterall, The Globe is just a tabloid!

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