International Farce II

During the summer, I wrote that the vaunted international force which was going to bring lasting peace to Lebanon was a farce. If The Boston Globe is to be believed, the 6000 peacekeepers are already facing grave difficulties. In the mosques, some religious leaders, paranoid about the West’s intentions to begin with, are uttering “alarmist proclamations” about the soldiers. Surprise, surprise!

One leader in a Beirut mosque labeled the troops a “tool of Israel and the United States”. Finally the French get their way and put boots on the ground back on an old colony and this is the thanks they get: tools of the United States.

Don’t worry. While I’m sure that there is a group of legitimate wackos who view any incursionary force as an implement of Zionism, this is likely an orchestrated campaign to intimidate the international force into doing what it really wants to do anyways — nothing. The vitriol lays the foundation so that when the peacekeepers go out to do their job even in a tokenistic fashion, the will won’t be present for them to carry it out.

World leaders employed the peacekeeper jive to prevent Israel from dismantling Lebanon. Believe me, nobody expects these guys to actually go out and disarm Hezbollah.


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