Up In Michigan

I found some surprises during a recent trip to Michigan. While there was concern to be found over the war in Iraq (and much focus on the upcoming battle between the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes), the huge, lurking issue was the economy. I suppose it’s no surprise that the bleeding of the Big Three car makers would be a huge issue in the state whose fortunes hinge upon the auto industry. Still, the national discussion has been surprisingly silent on the political implications of this major development.


One Response to “Up In Michigan”

  1. lenny weiss Says:

    The headline in the NY Sun is misleading. “Miserable Again ALong Lake Michigan” Ann Arbor is 15 miles west of the Detroit airport, and Dexter 11 miles West of there. We call this area Southeastern Michigan. Lake Michigan is another 120 miles west of Dexter.

    Since you mentioned the Huron River, you should know it flows into the mouth of Lake Erie.

    Dexter/Chelsea (also home to actor Jeff Daniels) is a strong ‘hunting area’. You won’t get a plumber, carpenter, or tradesmen around there two weeks from now when firearms deer hunting season opens in northern Michigan. All this in the wake of Ann Arbor which your article correctly identifies as part of the Left Coast.

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