Curry ‘n a Hurry

By chance, I ate two different Indian meals yesterday. The first was Punjabi Dhaba Roadside Restaurant in Inman Square. The second was Mantra downtown. Here’s where I out my eating philosophy. I far preferred the homey lunch at Punjabi Dhaba (around 7 bucks) to the French-Indian inspired cuisine of Mantra (mid-to-high two figures).

Punjabi served its food on a silver lunch tray — copious portions, tasty chicken tikka masala, plenty of onions in red syrup chutney with addictive Bollywood videos playing in the background. There was a bustling lunch crowd, and the guys in the kitchen were hustling.  A fortifying experience for a raw day.

The strangely empty Mantra seemed to be more focused on its nightlife scene than on cuisine.  The prices were ok for an expense account, but, to me, the food did not justify that price point. I have nothing bad to say per se about my main dish, veal tenderloin, but if I went out with the intention to spend that kind of money on French food, I believe it would be better spent at a classic French bistro, such as the Bistrot Pierrot on Cambridge Street, where the genial French owner greets you at the door. (It’s not trendy, but the food is great.)

One Response to “Curry ‘n a Hurry”

  1. Wendy singer Says:

    we are on the same page as far as ethnic dinning. Next trip to Chicago lets have a dinner crawl on Devon!

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