Ivy League Soldier

Col. Shaw and Hyde Park's 54th Regiment

My piece in The New York Sun today deals not with the election but previews Veterans Day. I write about Harvard graduates, such as Joseph Kearns Goodwin, who opted to serve their nation in the military following graduation. Goodwin joins the likes of Col. Robert Gould Shaw, above, who lead the all African-American 54th Regiment, as part of Harvard’s tradition of service.


One Response to “Ivy League Soldier”

  1. chris mawn Says:

    well written. thank you for the support. another good / compelling story would be to profile the sacrifices repeatedly made by our voluntary reserve forces often under great financial duress when they leave civilian workforce for military paystubs. One new non-profit trying to help bridge this financial gap is http://www.reserveaid.org. They are headquartered right their in your neck of the woods (NYC) founded by a number of heavy hitters on wall street who like your ivy league soldier article attended top undergrad and grad programs and served in our military.

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