The Road Ahead

Here’s my dispatch from Hartford. The push from the still energized Ned Lamont wing of the party will be to call for the impeachment of President Bush, an idea former Clinton aide Lanny Davis opposes. The result reaffirms what I wrote in September. The key quote was  from Marshall Wittmann: “Joe Lieberman may well be the most powerful member of the United States Senate come November.”

Regarding Masschusetts, Governor-Elect Deval Patrick’s victory was historic on a number of levels. Not only does he become the second highest profile African-American official in the country, which you read here first, but his peformance was the best by a Democrat in Massachusetts since 1986. This was the famous Greek v. Greek election that launched Michael Dukakis on the path to a presidential run. For a sense of how long ago this was, it was only days after this dark, dark moment in Boston sports history.

The defeat of Harold Ford is unfortunate. I’ve been following him for more than six years. He was extremely gracious on Imus. He’s young, so he’ll live to fight again another day.


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