Sugar Bakery!!!

I write this holiday post to trumpet the bakeries in my neighborhood. Roslindale Square is a famous repository of bakeries. Only minutes from my home one can find fresh baklava (Vouros), artisanal bread (Fornax), Italian scali (John’s), breakfast Danish (Diane’s), pita (Droubi’s), and birthday cake (Boschetto’s). Now West Roxbury is getting in on the act. Traditionally, the lace-curtain neighbor to the west always had a traditional donut shop (Anna’s) and a bakery (Hanley’s). When Hanley’s closed last year, lost a vital source of brambles, mini-rasberry jam filled turnovers. Hanley’s Brambles helped through many difficult moments as press secretary — frequently positioned as they were in and around the Mayor’s office.

Just this week, Hanley’s replacement arrived, the heavenly Sugar. At around 2 p.m. Wednesday, the place was packed. It can only be described as a phenomenon. The ginger muffins, topped with cream cheese, were delicious. Owned by the same folks who own The Real Deal, Sugar promises to be a welcome addition to the area.


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