Bauer on Jimmy Carter: Getting Close to ‘Garden Variety Anti-Semitism’

President Carter took his post-presidential career into the Twilight Zone with his appearance on “Meet the Press.” Carter went so far as to allege that Jews! ban discussion on Israel’s policies here in America. Asked if he meant to say that the “Israeli lobby” prevented dissent, Carter replied “That’s part. The Jewish lobby may be part of it…I think there’s a reticence, even in public fora, to describe both sides of the issues in the West Bank.” spoke earlier today with Gary Bauer. Bauer, a former presidential candidate and the president of American Values, a non-profit group. Bauer says Carter, a fellow member of the Southern Baptist faith, has taken a dangerously divergent view on the Middle East. Says Bauer: “From a theological standpoint, I think he must be embracing replacement theology. [The idea that] when God says ‘Israel I will bless, he’s really saying, ‘the Church I will bless.’ Theology aside, it’s hard to distinguish his views on Israel from garden variety anti-Semitism. He seems to have infinite forgiveness for Israel’s tormenters and infinite enmity for Israel and Israel’s efforts to defend itself.”


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