A Good Day for Kerry

Today is John Kerry’s 63rd birthday. Prior to heading over to Ned Devine’s for a meeting with supporters, Kerry met with a high-profile delegation of bloggers. The community of Netroots has never been particularly warm to Kerry. They liked Dean early in the ’04 cycle and got behind Kerry only in animus of George W. Bush in the general election. I have noticed they haven’t picked up stories by me and others who have written optimistically about his chances (pre-botched joke).

The bloggers, I suppose, are like everybody else in politics. They need attention and access. Given the time and special access Kerry has given them, perhaps they will look more warmly upon the idea of an ’08 Kerry run. Right now, I see most of them going to Obama.

I had earlier reported incorrectly that the influential DailyKos.Com had representation at the meeting. I am still attempting to determine a semi-complete list.


2 Responses to “A Good Day for Kerry”

  1. TayTay Says:

    This was not what happened. There were no ‘high-profile’ bloggers there. This was a simple meeting with real grassroots people. There was no big meeting. I know, I was there.

  2. Vektor Says:

    I was present at the meeting as well. I’m just a grassroots supporters who is by no means high-profile. We’re all just down to earth Kerry supporters, who were there to wish him well on his birthday.

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