Obama Wows Manchester

Obama Wowing Manchester

I must say that I’m not one whose heart goes atwitter everytime Barack Obama opens his mouth. To me, he’s fashioned a kindof of New Age patois that works magic upon Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Baby Boom wannabes. Having said that, I’m not so cynical that I can’t recognize that this guy’s got something very special going on.

I left an event in Manchester, NH a few hours ago that I can only compare to a rock concert. (But even most rock concerts don’t draw like they used to anymore.) Obama pulled almost 1500 attendees and 150 members of the press corps. And it is December 10, 2006. In prior election cycles, this would still be the time to get strategists together and do some exploratory discussions with fundraisers. Obama is already drawing crowds comparable to what a front-runner should garner in December 2007. I write about this phenomenon in the New York Sun.


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