Carter and Baker Unite Against Israel

One of the unusual happenings of recent times is the way the work of two former political opponents have converged. James Baker worked as an aide to President Ford when he ran against Jimmy Carter. Later, Baker served George H.W. Bush and then Ronald Reagan, both of whom helped end Carter’s career. Now in the denouments of their political lives both have arrived on the scene to press and criticize Israel. I write about the second acts of both these men in my New York Sun column.


2 Responses to “Carter and Baker Unite Against Israel”

  1. PS Says:

    Baker is a personification of the long dysfunctional and ethically compromised US-Saudi relationship. This relationship is the reason the feds and Detroit don’t support biofuels/hybrids and why we’re not energy independant/secure. The US bleeds petro-dollars into Saudi coffers which fund their enormous monarchy, while their citizenry live in squalor. The anger of the citizenry is often channeled/stoked in state-run mosques/madrassas, which teach rapid anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. Saudi’s have been less than helpful in stemming the financial flows, which fund worldwide jihadism. These are Baker’s customers. These are his friends. As for Carter, he does have a Nobel. So does Arafat./P

  2. DBJr. Says:

    Poor poor Israel.

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