Carter Refuses Debate

While the headline, Carter Book Won’t Stir Debate, is misleading, The Boston Globe has a strong piece that advances the Carter story. I have been critical of President Carter’s assertion that the so-called Israel Lobby is blocking debate on the Middle East. In this case, a secular, Jewish university, Brandeis, actually invited Carter to speak, and it is the former president, who refused.

Included in this story is a disturbing nugget. Farah Stockman and Marcella Bombardieri report that the producer of An Inconvenient Truth is planning to do with Jimmy Carter what he did for Al Gore.

Look, anybody can make any movie in America so long as they have the money. In recent years, we’ve had movies that depict the diabolical Jews of the First Century responsible for the murder of the Christian saviour, the humanity of suicide bombers, the motivations of the Munich terrorists. Having said that, a movie that glorifies Carter’s “quest for peace” without an honest discussion of Palestinian terrorism and promotes his idea of a Jewish-lobby lockdown on discussion of the Middle East is disheartening and depressing. As I wrote in my New York Sun column this week: “The lay person, the average American, the moderately informed member of the general public — all will see Mr. Carter’s book equating South Africa and Israel on the best-seller shelf of the local Borders or Barnes & Noble and read the title. They can’t be expected to search out the critical reviews or discover the errors in fact and judgment present therein.” That dynamic will only be magnified by a movie.


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