Galactica Finale

Gaius Baltar’s favorite television show is Battlestar Galactica. Everyone’s first reaction upon hearing us advocate on behalf of the show is the campy 1970s space opera. This show is anything but. It is dark, metaphorical and smart. I was tested during the season premier which pitted the human “resistance” against the Cylon occupiers (who are in human, not robotic, form). At first blush, I feared that the show’s creator and lead writer, Ronald D. Moore, was trying to too strongly analogize the evil Cylons to Israelis or Americans in Iraq. I felt more at ease when he and other writers associated with the show acknowledged that these parallels were in mind, but added there were many others as well. My conclusion is that Moore is using the show to demonstrate how his real characters respond to these stressful but altered circumstances. Moore, above all, wants viewers to think.’s sister, Divadujour, lives in West Hollywood found her way into a screening of tonight’s premier attended by the writing team. They announced they had story lines for at least the next two seasons. AND NOW, A SPOILER (highlight text to view): At the end of the screening, one of the attendees asked a team of the show’s writers whether a new cylon would be revealed by the end of this season. The writers huddled and admitted yes, there will be an eighth cylon shown by the end of this year. I suspect the new Cylon will have something to do with Gaius Baltar, who is played by the brilliant actor James Callis. But to figure out what I’ll have to what the second half of this season.

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