PICK OF THE WEEK: Burger ‘n Fries


The Boston-area has some great fresh fast food. Kelly’s Roast Beef in Revere sets the standard for the New England hot roast beef joint — a type of restaurant unknown in other regions of the country. One area, however, where Boston lags behind is the fresh burger and fries place. Unlike Los Angeles, home of In-and-Out Burger, and Chicago, the base for both the Weiner Circle and Superdawg Chicago Dogs, and Portillo’s Italian Beefs.

Finally, we now have a burger joint of our own. Uburger. I had the basic burger, fresh, tasty roll, condiments that added, but did not overpower the burger, and fries cooked in light oil. Uburger is located in Kenmore Square so it should attract a steady stream of BU students. I worry a little bit about the location, which previously housed a glitzy Middle Eastern fast-food place and the only Brazilian steakhouse, Cafe Belo, to ever close, to my knowledge. Spiros Kouvlis and Nick Kesaris are giving this area something we are deeply in need of. Quality fast-food at a fair price. I will never get over my sense of loss over the demise of the Tasty in Harvard Square. (Thankfully, it’s memorialized in Good Will Hunting.)

With luck, the Uburger guys, who also serve frappes and dogs, will have their own Red Alert tradition of ravenous college students and city denizens looking for chow. Uburger is’s Pick of the Week.

edit…West Roxbury hamburger guru John Connolly provides more detail on California burgers has something to say about the Tasty: ” Fatburger has the best shakes of the California burger joints, and while In and Out may have the best overall burger, Fatburger allows you to add a fried egg on top a la the Huskie Burger from The Tasty, Boston’s last great burger joint”.

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