Unfair Attack

I’ve wanted to stay out of the Emily Rooney/blogworld fight. But now some liberal blogs are going after Dan Kennedy for being a “liberal hawk” and supporter of the current Iraq War. Dan may not accept the ultra-left orthodoxy on every issue. Iraq was not one of them. Dan was very skeptical, very early, in his usual thoughtful way. I was the Phoenix’s Iraq hawk. I even had the temerity to quote Joseph Lieberman on the case for war with Iraq. Dan didn’t agree.

I don’t expect to win any friends in the world of the progressive bloggers, although I think any serious political writer and analyst has to factor them into today’s political equation. They are worthy of serious observation. Much of the fury at the recent John Carroll, Beat the Press, flap has surrounded the idea that BTP failed to meet ordinary reportorial standards. The next step in the story is for publications to assign reporters to cover the blogworld as a beat, much as somebody would cover sports, the media or politics. Having served as the press secretary for a sitting mayor, I can attest that such close coverage often goes in unanticipated directions. I hope the bloggers enjoy this next stage of development.

One Response to “Unfair Attack”

  1. Diane Says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m a liberal blogger, and I enjoy reading your posts. I read Dan Kennedy too – actually found you through him. I ‘m pretty sick of the backslapping that passes for blogging on too many sites, and welcome thoughtful posts wherever they turn up.

    Have you read The Premise? Mark Barrett writes a thought-provoking blog. His politics are left of yours, but he is serious.

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