Rocky is Back

The Champ is Back

I’m one of those people who rushed out to see Rocky Balboa last Wednesday. I’m no film reviewer, but I really enjoyed this film. More importantly, I think the appetite for this kind of film says something about the current mood of malaise our country is in right now. I write about Rocky Balboa in my New York Sun column this week. I’m not the only one who reacted to the movie in this way. Michael James Moore has a nice piece in The Capital Times, a Madison, Wisconsin-daily, lauding the timing of the movie.


2 Responses to “Rocky is Back”

  1. Wendy Singer Says:

    great write up in the NY Sun. Wow…what a great movie. I’ve been bopping to the soundtrack in my head since last night when I saw the movie. We all have the eye of the tiger in us! GRRRRRR!!!!

  2. bryna Says:

    i like your sun piece, however, while stallone might have intentionally “linked his hero to America’s 200th birthday” with the first Rocky, i think it’s important to note that he had been trying to put out this recent movie for the last seven years, which would have been before 9/11 and the iraq war. so, while the character may spark patriotism in a time when it’s very much needed, it seems to me more coincidental, and not really a strategic move on the part of stallone. however, i guess it doesn’t really matter much if he *intended* to give us “a dose of optimism,” so much as it matters that he does. (btw – i read michael moore’s piece too, and i think yours was much more insightful and well-written – of course, i *do* like you better as a person).

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