Romney Moves Offices

I attended a brief availability yesterday where Governor Romney chose to attack the new Democratic House on fiscal grounds. “The Democratic agenda seems to be surrounding the idea of raising taxes and more government spending, and more taxing is not good for the American people, it’s not good for the economy, it’s not good for America,” Mr. Romney said. “I think you’ll see the Republicans in both houses and in the White House stand firm. Holding the line on taxes is critical to strength of our economy and the well being of the American people.” I see this as a direct play to fiscal conservatives still searching for a candidate. A well-placed supporter of John McCain’s counters that the Arizonan who replaced Barry Goldwater is the right choice: ““There’s not a stronger candidate in the field than John McCain when it comes to holding the line on spending across the board, and he’s never supported a tax increase.”

I write more about this in a news story in The New York Sun.


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