British Press Broadcasts to Iran: ‘Hey Ahmadinijad, Israel is Coming to Get You’

It’s disappointing to see the generally pro-Israel Times of London publishing Israel’s potential plans against Iran. While a fabulous scoop if accurate, the Times story can only be seen as helpful to the Islamic Republic. Personally, such stories fall under the zone of protection that includes troop movements, ships at sea, invasion dates.

Having said that, the story is a mighty-damaging leak to come out now. That falls on Israel. Obviously somebody in the know over there isn’t on the team. If they’re goal was to torpedo Israel’s military goals, they did a good job. If it’s a bluff to prompt diplomatic action, it’s likely to fail.


2 Responses to “British Press Broadcasts to Iran: ‘Hey Ahmadinijad, Israel is Coming to Get You’”

  1. Eli Lake Says:

    seth–this is such balderdash. Come on. This is Israel. They live or die based on keeping these secrets. The one guy who slipped, they reabducted and sent into permanent solitary confinement. They got this kind of ish on lockdown. This isn’t like Giuiliani’s secret political playbook. It’s tactical nuke plans. since we haven’t read of some high profile arrest in Israel for the leak, I am assuming it’s disinfo. It’s also so similar to that inaccurate Hersch story, I’m just suspicious.

  2. PS Says:

    The story will not torpedo any goals because it did not reveal any secret intentions. The tac-nuke-bunker-buster has been a known reality for several years. The US gave it serious consideration in late 2001 in Tora Bora, and the repeated JDAM purchases by Israel are both a matter of public record. The story is not a bluff because the capability and the intent are true./P

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