More on Iran Nukes

We’ve received some interesting comments taking issue with our prior post on a planned Israeli strike on Iran. One comes in from Eli Lake, who is the main diplomatic/intelligence reporter for The New York Sun. Eli’s reporting, such as his story last week on Iran funding Sunni insurgent groups in Iraq, is both counterintuitive and journalistically solid. His work is read with great interest by both supporters of American efforts in Iraq and its opponents.

Eli says of the story: “This is such balderdash. Come on. This is Israel. They live or die based on keeping these secrets. The one guy who slipped, they reabducted and sent into permanent solitary confinement. They got this kind of ish on lockdown. This isn’t like Giuiliani’s secret political playbook. It’s tactical nuke plans. since we haven’t read of some high profile arrest in Israel for the leak, I am assuming it’s disinfo. It’s also so similar to that inaccurate Hersch story, I’m just suspicious.”

Pete Sherman also throws cold water on my take: “The story will not torpedo any goals because it did not reveal any secret intentions. The tac-nuke-bunker-buster has been a known reality for several years. The US gave it serious consideration in late 2001 in Tora Bora, and the repeated JDAM purchases by Israel are both a matter of public record. The story is not a bluff because the capability and the intent are true.”


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