A Team Victory for the Patriots

Hail to the Victors!

Consistently experts fail to understand The New England Patriots. How many times did I hear this week that The San Diego Chargers, with nine Pro Bowlers, were the superior team. But in a true team, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And Tom Brady. Internet128 puts it nicely. “The Patriots earned their victory by fighting and giving it everything they had on every down. They never quit. They never gave up and they were never cowed by Chargers athletically superior players.”

Perhaps the play of the game was made by the ultimate team player, Troy Brown, who plays offense, defense and special teams. (Steve Buckley of The Boston Herald wrote yesterday that today’s game could be the last for the aging star). He’ll live to play again another day.

The Patriots success over the last six years transcends sports. In an era where ESPN celebrates individual achievement, such as endlessly broadcasting Shawne Merriman’s grotesque victory dance, the Patriots put the spotlight on teamwork, an apt lesson for everyone.

3 Responses to “A Team Victory for the Patriots”

  1. Russell Yaffee Says:

    Gitell you summed it up nicely. Never give up. Never quit. It doesn’t take an expert NFL analyst to know that the most athletic team doesn’t always win. The team with the most heart and the team that refuses to give up will always win and more often than not it is the New England Patriots. I called my friend in San Diego after the game and of course he refused to pick up the phone. I left my typical boatload of verbal abuse, but you can sum the whole game quite easily. Teams win playoff games, individuals don’t and never give Tom Brady a chance to beat you with the game on the line, because chances are he will.

  2. internet128.com » Blog Archive » Team beats talent: New England Patriots edge San Diego Chargers 24-21 Says:

    […] Gitell notes that the whole is greater than the parts on a team: The Patriots success over the last six years transcends sports. In an era where ESPN celebrates […]

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Amen Mister Gitell. The Patriots are an excellent example of what it means to compete as a TEAM. And, Troy Brown is the embodiment of PATRIOTISM!!!!

    I hope that fans appreciate what a truly special thing we have here.

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