If Not Sulzberger, We’ll Take Janet Robinson

The president of The New York Times Corporation, Janet Robinson, addressed a key group of Boston’s business leaders this morning. A scant two months ago I wrote the following in Boston Magazine: “Given the value Boston leaders put on face-to-face contact, it’s remarkable Sulzberger hasn’t been much of a visible presence here. Memories of the Times Company chairman’s engaging in fact-finding and meet-and-greet functions with city bigwigs are scant, and you hear how he’s never keynoted a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast, the typical way an out-of-town CEO makes himself known to the in crowd—as was done by the Red Sox’s Larry Lucchino (with great success) and Ken Lewis of Bank of America (likely a tougher sell). But it’s also the more significant and harder-to-shake sense that the leadership down on 43rd Street views Boston as no different from Sarasota, Florida, or its other branch towns.” Well Sulzberger didn’t come down himself, he sent Robinson. They chose the BC Club as opposed to the Chamber for the venue.

It looks to me, however, that the Times management realized later, rather than sooner, that its Boston properties are significant enough to merit some serious face time.


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