Kerry Out

The race is on for the staffers, fundraisers and organizers of Senator John Kerry. As derided as Kerry can be, it’s easy to forget the strengths that brought him a few hundred thousand votes away from the presidency. Kerry became the heir to the great presidential machine forged by Michael Dukakis in 1988. Field expert Michael Whouley, fundraiser Alan Solomont, John Sasso — all made their names in the 1988 campaign and then gave what they knew to Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry. It will be interesting to see which Democrat can scoop up these folks for the 2008 campaign. I write about it here in The New York Sun.

I also have to say a word about a hidden asset for Kerry, his brother Cam. Here’s what Cam told me yesterday: “”I’m disappointed. I worked hard to get John elected president. I believe he would have made a great president…You’ve got to deal with the realities. And looking at things … the way he can be most effective on the issues he cares about is in the Senate. There’s a lot that he can do there.”


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