Solomont With Obama

Alan Solomont, a former national finance director for the Democratic National Committee under President Clinton, is signing on to the campaign of Barack Obama. Solomont, who was formerly a top fundraiser with John Kerry, has a long history of ties to Senator Hillary Clinton. Despite these ties, he’s backing Obama. “I hope to play a leadership role here in New England,” Solomont told Gitell.Com. “My sense is that there is… a great advantage in being a new face and a new voice. A powerful voice and uplifting voice could energize people. I think Senator Obama responds to that desire of the American people better than any other candidate.”

Here’s Brian Mooney’s take on

One Response to “Solomont With Obama”

  1. Karl Says:

    Solomont is in to make sure Obama’s universal health care plan is not a simple single payer system like Blue Cross, but a complex set of rules working to control health care through an oliogopoly of privileged HMOs – like HillaryCare did.

    But that’s me guessing…

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