More Vietnam

Father Drinan was among those who pushed the U.S. to get out of Vietnam. Here in my New York Sun column is a discussion of the consequences of that move.


One Response to “More Vietnam”

  1. Tom McGonigle Says:

    Reading Mark Moyar’s book on Vietnam while travelling in England and France recently and talking with people about Vietnam: one feels a little like a crank because Moyar truthfully, as far as I can tell, reveals that everything that the popular mind understands about Vietnam is wrong. I am sure the second volume will meet with the same liberal reaction: silence and I only regret that my children will be reading a book like Mr Moyar’s about Iraq in 40 or so years… What would be very helpful to me and many readers: a reading list about Vietnam and which movies to send young people to so that they might see a more honest way of describing the war…

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