DailyKos Disses Menino

It’s relatively rare for the DailyKos website to attack an anti-war Democrat. But Kos goes out of his way to take a shot at Mayor Menino today. “Menino is a moron (always was), overreacts, and it’s the fault of someone else?” writes Kos, who, by-the-way, leaves progressive darling Deval Patrick out of his post.

Let me just say this about the Netroots, in general, and Kos, in particular. As a marketer, webmaster, political activist, Marcos is without equal. He figured out how to get the most out of a new medium and everyone recognizes it.

Readers of this site know that I defended Joe Lieberman, the object of scorn of Kos and others. But I must say the Netroots anger at this pro-war hawk was so much more credible than their instinctive dislike of Mayor Menino.

While these guys have been going online and having lattes for years, the mayor has been out there helping people. He’s built housing across the city and helped reconstruct Grove Hall. He spends his time in the neighborhoods, with the old-school, grassroots, activists who make the city better one block at a time.

Menino’s work is not sexy. It consists of hour, after sometimes monotonous, hour, of community meetings, ribbon cuttings, school visits. He walks the streets for the homeless survey every December and goes out to Bowdoin Street to reassure neighborhood residents.

While the Mayor was fighting to protect the citizens of Boston prior to the 2004 Democratic Convention, preserving funds to be used for schools, roads and crime-fighting, DailyKos and the rest of the netroots were MIA. If they weighed in at all, it was to give John Kerry cover in his cowardly decision to cave to the police union.

Neither DailyKos nor anybody else was interested in how the BPPA created a political trap for the Democrats, one that resulted in John Kerry missing a chance to address the United States Mayors Conference in June 2004. Maybe it wasn’t important that Kerry go and bring his urban agenda to the mayors of Cleveland, Cincinatti and Akron. It’s not like mayors in a key swing state can help get people out to vote in a hotly contested political election. No. Back then the focus was on the mayor and his “stubborness”. Kerry vacated, and Mitt Romney stepped in to fill his place.

Kos and company don’t like the Mayor because he’s a traditional Democrat, one who actually believes it’s part of his job to help people who actually need help.

It’s not popular on the web, and, sure I’m biased. But I’m proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my Mayor.

4 Responses to “DailyKos Disses Menino”

  1. Jeff Says:

    DailyKos is exactly right. Menino’s hyperventilating is silly. Anyone with half a brain should have realized that these things were no threat, especially after they took down the first one. Menino is just pissed that a) his boys were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, shutting down the city and wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars because no one was smart enough to recognize a mooninite (or to ask why Islamic terrorists would use an Atari-esque cartoon character giving someone the bird on their weapons) and b) because these things were up FOR TWO WEEKS before anyone thought to do anything about them. If these had been real bombs people would be dead by now.

  2. lisa Says:

    Good post, Seth. Mayor Menino is decidedly NOT a moron. And he has every right to be pissed. Every traffic jam and every inconvenience that Bostonians suffer comes down to him. And yes, he should take it seriously.

    Rather than being ashamed of what happened yesterday, Bostonians – and the Mayor – should instead be commended. Someone saw something and said something. Which is what it’s down to in this post 9/11 world.

    It’s neither the Boston Police Department nor the State Police’s job to be hip enough to recognize a Mooninite when they see one. As a matter of fact, I’m taking it as a hopeful sign that they’re in bed early. And frankly, in terms of public safety, wouldn’t you rather have a hyperactive police force?

    Turner broadcasting has done the right thing, although from a public relations standpoint, their response time was far too slow.

    And Mayor Menino did exactly the right thing in demanding that Turner reimburse the city for the public safety expenditures. He should, however, back off the two guys who hung the signs. Stupidity, in this case, *should* be an excuse.

    And why, exactly, do all terrorists have to be Islamic?

  3. grey clay Says:

    I would not flatly say that there was no overreaction whatsoever in Boston, but there is no imaginable scenario in which conduct such as the sneak advertising-by-device done there would not cause considerable expenditure of time and resources, while presenting danger to those who must intervene in traffic to remove the objects.

    Kos and his tagalongs present themselves as knowing something of social organization and government, and they know that there are and must be operational protocols that cannot easily be cancelled. Crassly commercial and stupid as the sneak marketing campaign was, they regard it as so cool that basic responsibility can be dismissed as square and old school. When they gain a mature perspective, perhaps they’ll be able to speak credibly about Mr. Menino and government in general.

  4. Connolly Announces for Boston City Council « Dispatches from Seth Gitell Says:

    […] Disclosure: Regular readers of this site know (and sometimes tire of hearing) that I served for more than three years as the press secretary for Mayor Menino. For my view of the Mayor, click here. […]

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