Gitell on Advertising Campaign Gone Awry

This evening I went on NECN to talk about Turner Broadcasting Systems errant out-of-home marketing campaign. Host Jim Braude took the position that the state and city authorities should have known that the devices were really part of an underground marketing campaign. Among former police communications director, Mariellen Burns, former state senator George Bachrach and myself, we all contended that authorities did the right thing. Notwithstanding the appearance of the character in question, eagle-eyed MBTA passengers and concerned citizens rightly saw an oddly shaped box with wires and batteries — exactly the warning signs for a bomb — on sensitive, unauthorized locations. Turner had no permits or authorization to place their materials in the locations in question and is potentially liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

Here’s a link if you want to watch the debate.


One Response to “Gitell on Advertising Campaign Gone Awry”

  1. bryna Says:

    this is one of those situations where the media would have gone after the mayor (or whomever) no matter what he had done. if the local authorities hadn’t responded at all, people would be accusing them of being too lax in protecting them. in fact, i’d bet that after this whole boston thing, that media in new york, or wherever else cartoon network had their ‘advertisements,’ are berating their public officials for *not* investigating mysterious objects under bridges as possible threats.

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