Glenn Greenwald Moves to Salon

If you’re a reader of Glenn Greenwald’s hugely-popular blog, you might be surprised to hear me say good things about him here. Clearly, on many broad-stroke issues, I differ from Glenn. But I have to say this, he is absolutely the smartest post-9/11 critic of the Bush Administration out there. Further, he is consistent. Glenn has staunch civil libertarian roots as show both by his legal advocacy and his writing.

Yesterday, Glenn announced he was taking his site to Salon, for which he will also write. I wish him well. has the distinction of being one of the few individuals in the world who both served on The Harvard Crimson with the architect with many of legal policies of the War on Terror, John Yoo, and was in a law school section with Yoo’s biggest critic, Greenwald. Yoo was cool, rigidly logical and good natured; Greenwald was passionate, imaginative and acerbic. Yoo, who is now a professor at Stanford Law School, went the traditional route. Greenwald started off working at one of the most prestigious law firms in Manhattan, Wachtel Lipton, and broke away to start his own firm.

Once, if ever, the frenzied times we are in ever subside, it will be interesting to watch where Glenn goes politically. My hunch is that many readers of his site will be surprised to learn of his positions on a number of different issues. I don’t think he will care. He was never one to go with the crowd.


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