Jews, Romney and the Democratic Party

Ira Forman, the executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council and the author of the invaluable reference book, Jews in American Politics, writes in with a few points on Romney’s announcement:

“I hope you have seen the exit polls from 2006 on the Jewish vote– 12% GOP vs 87% DEM.

There is not much Jewish vote to be had, right now for Republicans. Money maybe a different matter.

The Romney annoucement shows that these guys did not do their homework on picking a site.

As for the Jewish vote, as long as the Dems pick a pro-Israel candidate (all the serious candidates), as long as the GOP nominee has to run to the right on social issues, and as long as the war is ongoing— I think its very tough for the GOP to really compete for the Jewish vote. Rudy has the most potential but he apparently is going to shift right on social issues and the war in trying to get the nomination… that will make his run tougher in the Jewish community.”

If is lucky, Matt Brooks, the head of the Republican Jewish Coalition, will soon write in with his two cents.


One Response to “Jews, Romney and the Democratic Party”

  1. Dorsey Funderburk Says:

    I know of no bloc of the human society who admires the Jewish people more than Mormons. In a different vein, I have serious problems understanding why so many Jewish people belong to a political party that supports abortion. Especially when one considers the suffering of Jewish folks. It is beginning to seep out here and there that conservative Christians are really apprehensive about a Mormon president having a greater influence for spreading the Mormon faith. Has the membership in the LDS Church increased much as a result of having a Mormon governor? I haven’t heard that it has and really don’t care. Romney is the one candidate who has the skills and talents to save this country. It is time to take a deep one and suck it in and be thankful that there is a Mitt Romney.

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