Comella’s in West Roxbury and The Boston Brick House

I had the good fortune to eat at two restaurants in the Roslindale – West Roxbury corridor.

First, Comella’s. This restaurant, which is built for take-out but has several tables, exceeded expectations. It offers old-style pasta dishes and parmigiana sandwiches in large portions. I had rigatoni in red sauce. The sauce was tangy and spicy. Best of all, the plate lacked the annoying residue of excess water frequently present in pasta to go. As much as I love the Real Deal, this place will give the deli a run for its money when it comes to Italian-style dishes. I’ve eaten a half dozen meals from the Real Deal in the last two weeks, including meatball and chicken parm sandwiches. I’d rate Comella’s slightly higher. Having said that, nobody can touch the Real Deal’s exquisite paninis.

Second, The Boston Brick House on Belgrade Avenue. The Boston Brick House has no relation with the Brick House in near-by Dedham. The generic decor — modern Boston sports bar — left me nonplussed upon entry. I reluctantly ordered the St. Louis ribs. They were perfect. The burgers and sandwiches we ordered were great. While we did not try the pizza, it looked delicious. The prices were very, very competitive. With terrific value, the Boston Brick House is another welcome addition to our neighborhood.

Adam Gaffin also has a good write-up.


One Response to “Comella’s in West Roxbury and The Boston Brick House”

  1. Julio Montolio Says:

    I am very pleased that you enjoyed the food. We take pride in providing high quality food at outstanding prices. If you have any suggestions we are always open to them.

    Thank you for the positive review. Feedback positive or negative is always crucial in providing excellent service.

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