The Phoenix Is Hitting Its Stride

My old newspaper, The Boston Phoenix, is on a roll lately.

First, today’s Boston Globe and Boston Herald both follow David Bernstein’s story on Therese Murray’s involvement with a controversial tourism program. The state Inspector General is now involved.

Bernstein follows that story up with a dispatch on recent appearances by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Covering New Hampshire is one of the special privileges that comes with being the Phoenix’s political writer. Bernstein notices a disturbing trend — the tendency of super-star candidates to dispense with the old-fashioned house parties in somebody’s living room for mega events. He quotes a New Hampshire politico thusly: “It’s harder to get to them, harder to have that personal conversation.”

For the curious, a broken foot has prevented me from covering New Hampshire.

Adam Reilly has stepped up into Dan Kennedy’s old shoes as the media writer. His blog is a must read. A good example as to why is his item putting the pieces together behind Virginia Buckingham’s hit piece on Mitt Romney. There are a lot of insidery/Boston politics here and Adam spells it all out.

Finally, Ian Donnis of The Providence Phoenix is in the game with his new blog. Even though disgraced mayor, Buddy Cianci is still in federal prison, Rhode Island politics are still colorful. Ian captures the feel for it. I especially like his fusion of politics and food. And, sadly, the same broken foot that has prevented me from trudging across the frozen wastes of New Hampshire has also prevented me from hitting my favorite Rhode Island eateries.

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