Schumer Late on 9/11 Environmental Relief

Kristen Lombardi has a blockbuster story in the current issue of The Village Voice. She tells in painstaking detail how Senator Schumer, who has been on every news outlet imaginable promoting his book about two imaginary Americans, may have let real New Yorkers down when it came to the toxic cloud over lower Manhattan after the September 11th attacks. It’s got lots of great stuff, such as correspondence between an ill individual and Schumer, who tells the man the problem “is an issue not of a federal nature” and refers him to state and local representatives (this from a man not known to ever leave an issue orphaned when he can get in the press).

Also illuminating are the efforts of Schumer’s staff to keep New York’s senior senator away from the story — this at a time he was appearing on every t.v. show in America, including Martha Stewart! Writes the tenacious investigative reporter, who first broke Boston’s pedophile priest scandal in the Boston Phoenix: “Schumer parried about a dozen requests for an interview for this article, beginning the first week of January, before finally making himself available for comment just hours before deadline last week. In an eight-minute phone conversation, the senior senator disputed the argument that he has been late to the cause. Though he first publicly voiced his desire to ‘join the effort’ last fall, he explains, ‘Those words are not to be interpreted as me saying I wasn’t involved before. I’ve been part of these efforts from the get-go, and that’s how I see my record.’ ”

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