Patrick’s Budget

Governor Patrick’s appearance before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce received less attention than I expected. I suppose it was too early in a news day with several news cycles. Joan Vennochi captured the scene in her Boston Globe column. “Patrick delivered virtually the same budget speech yesterday morning to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. By the end, it was clear this crowd is not on board his budget train. Some 800 movers and shakers welcomed Patrick with a standing ovation. But once he uttered the words ‘closing tax loopholes,’ the packed ballroom at the Park Plaza Hotel got quiet and stayed that way.” She thinks Patrick has to do more to get his agenda passed.

Even more critical is Virginia Buckingham of The Boston Herald. She leads with Patrick’s “Nobody I know is here” quip.

Adrian Walker, who calls the speech “a rehash of the one he gave on statewide television the night before”, gets a post-speech interview with the governor.

BONUS QUESTION: A free pizza from John’s Bakery in Roslindale Square goes to the reader who can guess who gave Walker the following quote from a “State House veteran”: “I would expect it will go through the same scrutiny and review and pushing and pulling as any Republican governor’s budget.”

I know you’re not supposed to be in the business of guessing who’s giving blind quotes to reporters but this one, to me, is glaring. Somehow the usage of three – four synonymous verbs separated by “and” seems awfully familiar. Who could it be? Could it be a voice that comes to me in the my first moments of being awake…

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