Romney and Religion

One of the fascinating subtexts of the 2008 election has been the question of religion — particularly in the Republican Primary. Interestingly, religion was not much of an issue in Mitt Romney’s campaign for governor in 2002. Covering that race for the Boston Phoenix in 2002, I thought his Mormon background might be an issue, but it wasn’t. Remember 2002 represented the height of the sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church, which served to mute the issue of religion in heavily Roman Catholic Boston.

But the Republican Primary is something different. Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, gave me some strong quotes suggesting that the commentary around the Mormon faith this time around is too strong and bordering on religious bigotry. I write about Romney and religion in my New York Sun column today.


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    […] Romney and Religion II is receiving a lot of commentary to the comment I posted below. I think it’s important to note my position on this, which was here. […]

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