Bratton and Giuliani

Who Gets the Credit?

If I were a staffer on the presidential campaign of Mayor Giuliani, I’d spend a lot of time worrying about Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton. Giuliani and Bratton had an ugly public falling out more than a decade ago. Now Bratton, who is popular with reporters, stands as a potential source who could neutralize one of Giuliani’s biggest strengths, his role in the historic reduction of New York crime.

Following Bratton’s departure as commisioner of New York’s Police Department, he went so far as to float a mayoral run against Giuliani. When he decided against it, he took this shot at Giuliani: “I’d hate by my running to place her in a position where, like the mayor’s wife, she might have to give that up.” “Bratton’s wife, a lawyer, was becoming increasingly interested in t.v. journalism. Giuliani’s then-wife, Donna Hanover, had been a WPIX news anchor. Bratton and his wife divorced soon thereafter.

I write about Bratton and the Giuliani Campaign in my New York Sun column.


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