Larry King to Jimmy Kimmel: “You’ve got a future doing this”

New CNN Host?

Tonight Jimmy Kimmel guest hosted The Larry King Show. After Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace and a host of other guest hosts over the years, Kimmel was a tremendous relief. Kimmel tempered his seriousness with a no-nonsense curiosity. Unlike Jon Stewart, whose persona can venture into self-importance, the suspender-clad Kimmel merely asked tough, common sense questions. The topic of the show was celebrities and paparazzi. Kimmel even got a lot out of perennial news program guest, attorney Mark Geragos. Kimmel’s quip: “the lawyer looks good next to the paparazzi”. Following Kimmel’s natural host-appearance, King called in from vacationing in San Francisco to praise Kimmel, saying he would like to add the comedian to the list of regular substitute hosts.

Particularly interesting was a colloquy between Kimmel and Emily Gould, the editor of Gawker. Kimmel fired a flurry or examples of inaccurate reportage on the site. Gould’s lame reply was that readers don’t go to Gawker with the expectation of truth. Kimmel also took Gould to task for the Gawker Stalker function, which lists the locations of celebrities close to real time. At this, Geragos entered the discussion predicting an act of violence against a celebrity abetted by the site. He added that the site would be taken for a lot of money. He was not, exactly, volunteering to take the case.

I haven’t been a big fan of Kimmel’s over the years, but he has a tremendous authentic quality that makes for a terrific talk show host.

2 Responses to “Larry King to Jimmy Kimmel: “You’ve got a future doing this””

  1. Chad Says:

    Jimmy was holier than thou on Larry King Live. He thinks these paps aren’t doing important work, what about him? He spends his monologue making fun of celebrities and using lots of these paps photos and videos.

    I am sick of these whiny celebrities who don’t want attention now that they are at a certain level of fame, but they sure wanted it before. Their publicists make deals and they just get upset because they can’t control the image the paps show of them.

    Jimmy Kimmel should now pledge on his show that he won’t be using any news from gossip or paparazzi photo sites for entertainment purposes on his show. What a hypocrite.

  2. Cathy Says:

    I guess Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way from his days of hosting “The Man Show”. He sure acted holier than thou when confronting the very sweet Emily Gould. Will Jimmy be beside Emily,” in hell”, for having a young boy insult women on the street and sexually harrassing college girls on a campus as host of “The Man Show”? Maybe I’m jumping the gun here, Jimmy may have already asked God for forgiveness. I actually enjoyed watching “The Man Show”. I found it to be very amusing at times and I consider myself a conservative woman. However, I have not visited the Gawker web site, I would probably find it amusing as well. Jimmy needs to quit crying and acting like he is a serious talk show host, such as Larry King. His show should have been called, “The Little Boy Show”. Jimmy will never be as respected as Larry King.

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