’s Kitchen Renovated and We Get a Gourmet Meal Out of It

The Fabulous and Chef/Contractor Henry--Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Jonathan Levitt has a food feature in The Boston Globe about the renovation of’s kitchen. It describes how contractor Josh Levine and carpenter Henry Yglesias finished their job on the kitchen — completed while I was trapped in the house with a broken foot — and then proceeded to make us a great gourmet meal. Yglesias is a former sous-chef at Mistral. It was great. Above is a photo of Chef/Contractor Yglesias and the Fabulous Dana.

Josh Levine can be contacted at


7 Responses to “’s Kitchen Renovated and We Get a Gourmet Meal Out of It”

  1. Frank Santo Says:

    Hello Seth my name is Frank Santo owner of Isabella in Dedham. Both Joshua and Henry worked with me at Isabella and they are both great guys. I still see them from time to time it is great to see them both doing well and still cookin’ and loving the food best of luck and come on in and introduce yourself
    Frank Santo

  2. friend-of-fab-dana Says:

    OMG your kitchen (from the photos splashed all over the Globe) looks AMAZING! Sounds like a great experience. Soon baby boy Gitell will be scampering across your new kitchen floor!

  3. J Carr Says:

    That article was great and your kitchen looks terrific. Any chance you can pass along the contractors’ contact info? We desperately need a kitchen re-do, and it doesn’t sound like we could find anyone better than these guys! Thanks

  4. Barbara Halleran Says:

    I work in the main office at the Motherhouse of Sisters of St. Joseph and was fortunate to be one of those working at the same time as Henry for the good Sisters. He was a fine young man then and I feel very proud of him today. Please convey my joy in reading about him. I wish he was doing this type of work when I had my kitchen done over…

  5. bobbie frank Says:

    Hi Seth, chances are you won’t remember us, but I certainly remember you, your dad, his family, and especially your grandma. We spent many a holiday together at your Aunt Sandy’s house in Canton. I was very friendly with her for quite awhile, but things change and we are no longer in contact. Nevertheless, I do remember you and have been following your accomplishments. I think you went to Harvard, if I remember correctly. Your wife looks beautiful with baby and I wish you the best of luck. I think its so nice that you have such fond memories of Rose. She was quite a character…Great that you use that table everyday. Hope your dad is well..does he keep in touch with Sandy and Bob?? I know they are divoreced…my daughter Lisa is actually very friendly with old friends of Sandy and Bob, small world. It was the Beberman’s. Anyway, couldn’t help but email you when I saw the article in the paper today. Fondly, Bobbie Frank and Joe

  6. Cousin Andrea Says:

    What a great kitchen and story. I’m so happy that you guys got that done before the baby comes! Enjoy it. Love you both.

  7. Cousin Julie Says:

    This was a great story! Dana looks beautiful and the kitchen looks warm and inviting. How did you break your foot? I hope it is healing well. Please let us know when Baby Gitell arrives! Love to all, Jules

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