On Imus and Gangsterism

I-Man in Hot Water

Imus is a crank. While I’ve listened to Imus in the Morning during much of the last decade largely for the top flight guests, I’ve also been disturbed at times. Much of the offensiveness revolved around Sid Rosenberg, the troubled sportscaster who was fired years ago from the program, but was subbing nonetheless the day Imus got into trouble. I thought Jason Whitlock had a particularly smart take.

I wrote about the controversy in my New York Sun column. I contrast Imus’s comments to those of the founders of grlzradio.org, a group of young women from the Bowdoin-Geneva section of Dorchester. They felt under assault from lewd language in hip hop and wanted to present a positive message. Stephanie Alves summed up the rationale for the station in The Boston Herald in 2003: “”It’s gone beyond the limits,” she said. “Even women are disrespecting themselves. I hear girls calling themselves ‘b——s’ or ‘h’s.’ I just look at them and ask, ‘how can you belittle yourself like that?'”


One Response to “On Imus and Gangsterism”

  1. JAMES Says:

    You could have done better than cite Jason Whitlock.
    Whitlock is a hack who has nothing positive to say about Rutgers womens basketball or hip hop music or black people.
    No wonder ESPN fired him.
    To urge your readers to read Jason Whitlock is to ask your readers to read the meanderings of an ignorant, ill informed, pseudo-journalist.

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