Roslindale News: Salute Changes Hands

I am back and can immediately report on a bit of local news. The restaurant Salute, on Washington Street in Roslindale, is now called Geoffrey’s. Geoffrey’s, according to its new management, will be a “New American Bistro”. The grand opening will be today at 4 p.m. From a quick glance of the menu, it looks like the entrees are in the $14 range, which is less expensive than its prior incarnation. The menu also seems to be a move away from Italian, which is a good thing given the neighborhood’s relative abundance of fine Italian restaurants. They will also offer a weekend brunch menu, which is something the Square could use.

Also, there is news about Bangkok Cafe. Bangkok Cafe hired the former chef of Jamaica Plain’s Wonder Spice Cafe, and the new chef has had an immediate impact. The restaurant appears to be more busy, and the menu — which now has pan-Asian offerings — is more tasty.

I will have an item on Israeli food later this week.

3 Responses to “Roslindale News: Salute Changes Hands”

  1. shelley Says:

    I wonder if Geoffrey’s will be owned and operated by the same person who had a restaurant of the same name several years ago in the South End and, later, in Back Bay. If so, it was a great place and it will make me miss my old Rozzie ‘hood even more than I already do!

  2. Vercingetorix Says:

    Thanks as always for the local restaurant news. I’ll be3 sure to check this place out. Salute was open for less than a year, no?

  3. Scott Diamond Says:

    Hey, I have to agree. Bangkok Cafe has always had good food, but the addition of the new chef (and the new menu with Pan Asian Cuisine) is a welcome addition. I hope this builds on their success and brings in new business, which it should.

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