Which Candidate Will Have the Clinton Magic?

I got to see Bill Clinton in action last Friday at the Charles Hotel. Clinton put on a performance that demonstrated his uniqueness as a modern political American figure. I write in my column in The New York Sun: “The political skills of the current crop of candidates — Republicans and Democrats — are vastly inferior to those of the former president. Armed with only a single sheet with notes scrawled in blue ink, Mr. Clinton waxed poetic on health care, the environment, nuclear proliferation, and economic development…The uniqueness of Mr. Clinton lies not just in his ability to connect with people, nor just in his ability to speak in hopeful, elevating rhetoric, nor just in his uncanny ability to master details of policy. As a politician, Mr. Clinton is an alchemist who can do all of these things. With crowds, he is a magician, a sorcerer. No other active politician comes close to that.”

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