Hillary Clinton: Back to 1992

Bill Clinton became the “Comeback Kid” in New Hampshire in 1992 because of one simple mantra devised by political operative James Carville: “It’s the economy stupid.” Yesterday, Hillary Clinton attempted to remind residents of New Hampshire of her husband’s economic legacy. She announced a major economic plan at the Manchester School of Technology. I write a column about the appearance in The New York Sun.

Here’s the advantage focusing on the economy gives Team Clinton: “While Senator Obama has the novelty of the new and John Edwards carries the charisma of the coif, only Mrs. Clinton has a direct tie to the years of economic prosperity, remembered, by some, as “The Clinton Boom.” By delivering a “major policy address” yesterday on the economy in Manchester, N.H., where in 1992 campaign aides to then- Governor Clinton took on the mantra “it’s the economy, stupid,” Mrs. Clinton is taking her campaign back to her roots.

“The Clinton campaign appears to want to push economic themes and will likely translate today’s address into television ads eventually. A sign hanging at the entrance of the event at the Manchester School of Technology suggested as much, alerting attendees: ‘Event will be filmed for campaign purposes.’ The campaign converted the school’s highceilinged carpentry room into an attractive makeshift studio. Mrs. Clinton’s delivery was comfortable, and her throngs of staffers — there’s no question the campaign is vastly overstaffed — made sure the tele-friendly speech went off seamlessly.

Bill Shaheen, co-chairman of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire and husband of a former governor, Jeanne Shaheen, suggested that the senator’s focus on the economy could be the difference. ‘I ask people, ‘Wouldn’t you like to go back to the 1990s?’ and they say, ‘Yes,’ ‘ Mr. Shaheen, who is among the most highly skilled and knowledgeable Democratic political hands in the Granite State, said.”


One Response to “Hillary Clinton: Back to 1992”

  1. Sheldon Says:

    Hillary Clinton sees it in her best interest for winning the presidential election to convince voters to vote for nostaligia of the Bill Clinbton years, including the economy.

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