Strong Debate Performance for Clinton: Obama Vanishes Once Again On the Big Stage

Why does Barack Obama seem to fade when the stakes are so high? Those were my thoughts after tonight’s debate. I stood in the “Spin Room” of St. Anselm’s watching Hillary Clinton’s consultant Mark Penn work the room as a solitary aide to Barack Obama stood holding a sign reading the name of Penn’s counterpart, David Axelrod. Here’s what Axelrod said after the debate: “leadership is measure not by tactics in the campaign but what candidates do in real time.” Translation: don’t worry about debates. Obama’s above them.

I also see John Edwards circling Obama waiting to scoop up his supporters if the Illinois senator goes the way of Howard Dean.

You can read the rest of my take on the debate here.

4 Responses to “Strong Debate Performance for Clinton: Obama Vanishes Once Again On the Big Stage”

  1. Jody Delwiche Says:

    Were you watching the same debate? Senator Obama was forceful, informed and articulate. So was Hilary. Senator Edwards used the old tactics of attack campaigning. Working the room is the Clinton MO. If Obama goes the way of Howard Dean, then we certainly were mislead for all the right reasons.

  2. friend-of-fab-dana Says:

    YES! I’ve always had Howard Dean fears about Obama… the bandwagon “inspiration” appeal always makes me nervous

  3. Jay Meschino Says:

    Side Note on Hillary Clinton:
    I heard an interesting interview this morning on WAAF. Don’t laugh they actually get some decent people on. Anyway, the interviewee (missed his name) was discussing a recent book he had written criticizing both sides of the aisle. Yes, I’m getting there. My point is Hillary was documented as negotiating on behalf of a U.S. company, Corning, with the Chinese government then receiving significant amounts of campaign contributions. Conclusion is she has been and can be bought. Seth maybe you can research and discuss the author?

  4. Aimee Alaine Says:

    I watched a PBS debate tonight for Democratic candidates, hosted by Tavis Smiley. I have been encouraging others to explore Barack and to give him a fighting and fair chance. Tonight’s performance mirrored your comments and so I stopped your site. Here’s to being audacious and hopeful – I’m hoping for so much more.

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