Hillary’s Campaign Song

Hillary and President Clinton demonstrate their mastery of American politics. Her campaign chose to spoof the Sopranos in announcing her campaign song. Watch it here.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic establishment candidate. Obama and Edwards had the early advantage in web presence. But by showing a lighter side, Hillary is catching up. It’s amazing that politicians so associated with the ’90s, the Clintons can find ways to be relevant today. Seeing Bill in his Tony shirt is classic. I think this video will be a web hit.

Having said that, I also have to recommend this highly watchable pro-Obama video.

3 Responses to “Hillary’s Campaign Song”

  1. Brian Says:

    I am no fan of the Clintons but enjoyed their spoof. I must take exception, however, with this quote by you, “It’s amazing that politicians so associated with the ’90s, the Clintons can find ways to be relevant today.” I have no idea if the Clintons watch the “Sopranos” but I am sure they did not come up with this spoof. They have expensive political advisors who come up with material such as this.

  2. blsst18 Says:

    i dont understand – who cares what the campaign song is? when did this become something people are interested in? and why?

  3. friend-of-fab-dana Says:

    Brian, who cares who came up with the idea? The point is that the Clintons decided to do it and presented themselves in a lighthearted, real way.

    And blsst18, clearly people do care given the amount of news coverage and blog chatter the Clinton Sopranos spoof and song selection has received. This is just another way to engage people in the conversation about Hillary and her campaign… and quite a successful one at that!

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