Fairness Doctrine? Rudy Giuliani on the History Channel

Crimefighter Giuliani

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about what to do if the syndicated t.v. franchise Law & Order, if Fred Thompson becomes an official candidate for the Republican nomination, which it looks like he’s going to. Law & Order is one of those shows that everyone knows. Where it gets interesting are shows that are somewhat under the radar.

I stumbled onto one tonight on The History Channel, “The Godfathers”. This thing was a two-hour comprehensive history of the Mafia in Sicily and America. Guess who was one of the main talking heads? Rudy Giuliani, who is both a daring former federal prosecutor and the basis for two fictional prosecutors in “Prince of the City” and “Serpico”. I have no idea how it is kosher to portray an active, current, presidential candidate on a television show.

It’s possible that this appearance is just so low visibility that no campaign feels it necessary to challenge. Or, if they are aware of it, perhaps it fills the nefarious need to associate Giuliani with La Cosa Nostra, which I wrote about here. Or maybe it was the other American the documentary kept going to for comment? Bernard Kerik, a liability to Giuliani.

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