The Police at Fenway

The Police

The Police bring their reunion show to Fenway Park tonight. The new tradition of bringing bands to Fenway annually is an exciting one. I’m confident The Police will meet the standard set by the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett and the Dave Mathews Band. People who want a fix of the band can stop by the gallery at Newbury Fine Arts, 29 Newbury Street. The gallery is displaying photos taken by Andy Summers of the band during its 1980s hey day.

I’m a big fan of what special events like this mean for Boston. Seeing a historic concert at Fenway Park is the kindof unique cultural offering that a great city like Boston can provide.

This will be my first time attending a concert at Fenway. It will also be the first time I have seen the Police since my sister Deborah and I attended the show at the Providence Civic Center — little did we know that the band would break up less than a month later. Back in 1984, at the ages of 15 and 12, we scored back stage passes at the Providence Civic Center to see the Police on the Synchronicity Tour thanks to our uncle. (At that time, our uncle Alvan Fisher, was a Providence-based doctor toiling with the early onslaught of AIDS who also happened to be the concert doctor at the Civic Center.) I’ll never forget the thrill I had when Sting, clad in a Joseph of Many colors jacket, Stewart, shorts and a University of Hawaii t-shirt, and Andy, whisked by us on the way to the stage.

I’ll give my sister, who somehow found her way to the band at a very young age, a chance to post her review later tonight.

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