Giuliani In Romney’s House

One of the highlights to Rudolph Giuliani’s two-day visit to New Hampshire was his foray into Wolfeboro, the summer resort town that is home to Giuliani’s Republican rival Mitt Romney. I stopped Giuliani, who had just purchased a cup of toffee ice cream and was in the midst of meeting and greeting more than 100 people. I asked him what message his visit sent to Romney, who had been spotted on Lake Winnipesaukee one day previously in a t-shirt and shorts.

“None, other than New Hampshire is real important to us,” Mr. Giuliani said, ice cream in hand. “We want to win in New Hampshire. We think we can win in New Hampshire.” Giuliani added that his status as a national candidate gave him an additional advantage.

“We also think I’m the candidate for the Republican Party who can win back a lot of the Northeast and a lot of the West. We have to be competitive in every state and I think I have the best chance of doing that,” he said. “Every poll shows that, and I think most people know that. We have to be able to win in New Hampshire. … We’ve got to have a 50-state campaign, and at this point I’m the only Republican candidate who can come close to having a 50-state campaign.”

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