Fred Thompson and Ronald Reagan

Fred ThompsonThe Gipper

I’m unimpressed with Fred Thompson’s campaign/non-campaign. The next four years is not the time for a slacker president. Thompson’s defender’s like to liken him to Ronald Reagan on a number of counts, especially with regard to his laid-back style. That is spin, however, and not reality. It should be remembered that Reagan challenged Gerald Ford rigorously in 1976 and wasted no time seeking the 1980 nomination. ” Reagan also had moved quickly after Ford’s defeat in 1976 by establishing in February 1977 a valuable campaign resource for conservative Republican office-seekers,” Jack Germond and Jules Witcover recorded in their account of the 1980 presidential race, “Blue Smoke and Mirrors.”

Reagan established Citizens for the Republic, which enabled him to cement his relations with local politicians and grassroots activists who are so important in Iowa and New Hampshire. While Reagan did not attend every small event, Republican voters were very much aware that he had been an outspoken national proponent for conservatism since Barry Goldwater’s candidacy in 1964 and a presence in Iowa since 1967 when he started making speeches there. Although Mr. Thompson worked as an actor like Reagan, the former had spent the preceding decade and a half focused on remaking the GOP and America, not on catching fictional crooks on television. Read more here.

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  1. Keith Says:

    Running for president is something not to be taken lightly. Is it wrong for Thompson to make sure that he has the support before such monumental efforts and funds are expended?
    I invite you to view more closely his voting record in Congress and his idelogy upon how our government is supposed to operate.
    True, there are those who wish to liken Mr. Thompson to R. Reagan, but this does not come directly from Fred Thompson. Maybe it is because the grassroot conservatists and federalists are yearning for another Reagan to get us out of the mess that America has been entangled, mostly here within our nation where illegal immigrants are allowed to have the same rights as an American citizen or a legal immigrant – all with benefits. It is no wonder the illegal immigrants have become emboldened as to claim it is their right to become a citizen (without the responsibility or loyalty of an American) when the present and previous government administration and legislative branch ignores its own laws.
    Maybe Mr. Thompson’s campaign isn’t as dynamic as the honorable Reagan was – but the gist of what we should be examining is just what does he stand for and just what does he consider a need to enact upon the important issues of today and tomorrow?
    The type of initial campaigning enacted by Fred Thompson is nothing new – Hillary Clinton has already performed such a “testing of the waters” – and so have a couple of others in various quests for a particular elected office.
    Considering the huge cost of a campaign, wouldn’t this be a sign of prudence and not a weakness?
    I personally want a grassroot conservative who is above all a federalist – and Thompson fits more to that line of thought/ideology than other candidates who are running their campaign differently, i.e., Mitt Romney or Sam Brownback, et cetera.
    I like your diversified subject material here, sort of like my e-journal with a varied subject and interest.
    It is good to see a fellow conservative and activist, but I am more than that – I am a federalist-patriot-grassroot conservative, if a lable must be put on my ideology and advocacy.
    Anyway, I like this site and what it stands for.

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