Second Day with Hillary

Jim Cole's Hillary Clinton

I spent yesterday afternoon with Senator Clinton as well, this time in Rochester, where political candidates seem to spending more time. For the second day in a row, she delivered a substantive, detail-laden address. I see her highlighting detail and policy as a subtle counterpoint to to Obama’s lack of experience. Some New Hampshire politicos agree: “She’s anticipating our questions and giving us answers,” state Rep. Doreen Howard of Newmarket, N.H., said. ” Senator Obama can identify the problems but not necessarily solve them.” ” Senator Obama is a dynamic speaker, but people see through that,” a Rochester city council member who is still undecided in the presidential race, Charles Grassie, said. “You’ve got to provide more substance, which is what Hillary did today.”

Asked whether Mrs. Clinton’s costly plan would appeal to traditionally fiscally conservative New Hampshire voters, the chairman of the Durham Democratic Committee, Timothy Ashwell, said: “Yankees aren’t cheap, they’re frugal. They’ll pay the price if there’s value to it.”

Notice the photo above. It’s taken by Jim Cole of the Associated Press.


One Response to “Second Day with Hillary”

  1. Tim Daley Says:

    Good to see you last weekend.

    Lots of good posts, some I agree with more than others. Will engage with going forward. Particularly have a lot of thoughts on the Dems, especially Hillary and her current position in the Dem primary; I think the “hawk” v. “base” (she seems to be winning both, more or less) is a very interesting dynamic.

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