9/11 Remembered

We remember that terrible day six years ago. We mourn those who lost their lives that day as well as for those soldiers who have fallen in combat since then.

In my New York Sun column, I write about the prevalence of 9/11 conspiracy theories on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. I report:

“Back in August, two of his New Hampshire backers were on hand at a Hillary Clinton event on the crisis in mortgage lending. They were an innocent looking pair, a young man, age 19, and his sister, age 22, handing out a brochure titled “Why You Should Demand a New 9-11 Investigation.” The brochure laid out what have become the standard tenets for those who challenge the accepted view of the attacks: questions about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 and the destruction of the Twin Towers as well as assertions of motive.

The main premise behind the brochure and the array of accompanying Web sites seems to be that individuals or elements within the American government had foreknowledge of the attacks. The brochure cites a publication of “The Project For a New American Century, a neo-con think tank” as supplying their motive – a cataclysmic attack that would spur a military build-up. Questions from the conspiracists persist despite a comprehensive and highly detailed rebuttal in ” Popular Mechanics.” The pair, whose appearance recalled the character of A.J. Soprano and his female friend, both of whom became obsessed with Al Qaeda in the final season of ” The Sopranos,” said they were supporters of Mr. Paul. “Enough of liars,” the young woman said of the other candidates.

When Senator Clinton finished her remarks that day, the crowd applauded — except for these two who booed. Two of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters turned around in their seats to chastise the young pair, who exited quickly amid epithets. “

One Response to “9/11 Remembered”

  1. Bill Clinton Stands Up For Truth « Dispatches from Seth Gitell Says:

    […] thing that has bothered me about when these guys start hectoring celebrities and politicians about Building 7, they seem to have the rhetorical advantage. They put the person their quizzing on the defensive. […]

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